Arvin Rodrigues

Arvin Rodrigues is a consultant clinical neurophysiologist and clinical epileptologist who undertakes nerve conduction studies (NCS) and electromyography (EMG) tests.

Common indications for these include carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve compression across the elbow, peripheral neuropathy and cervical radiculopathies. He also undertakes tests for diagnosing sleep disorders (polysomnographies) and botox therapy for dystonia. Experienced technicians who work with Arvin can record brain activity (EEG) and he then analyses the data. The EEG is often useful in confirming or excluding a diagnosis of epilepsy.

Nerve conduction studies involve electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves and an analysis of the recorded responses. EMG involves an analysis of muscle activity with a needle inserted into it. In an EEG recording, the electrical activity of the brain is recorded and stored in real time. This is later analysed and a report sent to the referring clinician. In a polysomnogram, several physiological parameters are recorded, including heart rate, oxygen saturation, breathing (airflow), muscle activity and brain activity. All these different readings help identify the type of sleep disorder and guide treatment.