Sven Lichtenberg

Sven Lichtenberg is a specialist of the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery at the ATOS Clinic Heidelberg and since 2001 Practice Partner of Prof. Habermeyer. For about eleven years, the physicians employed exclusively with the surgery of the shoulder and elbow joints.

Medical school graduated Dr. Lichtenberg at the Heidelberg University, where in 1994 he received his doctorate. Initial experience in surgery of knee and shoulder joints he made already as a junior doctor at the sports clinic Stuttgart.

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. P. Haber Meyer learned Dr. Lichtenberg Since 1999 the full range of shoulder surgery from the ground up and was able over the years to deepen his practical activities. A particular concern of the physician is critical review of surgical techniques for their effectiveness. The welfare of the patient is always at the forefront, so that an operation of it is recommended only for correct indication.

German joint center Heidelberg: Since January 1997 there has been the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery in the ATOS Clinic Heidelberg. Besides the treatment of shoulder and elbow disorders, we have specialiaed on the treatment of sports injuries. Since 1998 to 2007 more than 10 000 surgical procedures at the shoulder and elbow were performed.